5-Year-Old raises $17,000 for Maui wildfire victims

5-Year-Old Raises $17,000 For Maui Victims With Lemonade Stand

You've never too small to make a BIG impact.

When 5-year-old Eddie Juel and his family were vacationing in Hawaii, the news about the Maui wildfires was on the news… and it broke his heart. He wanted to help them and asked his parents if he could make a fundraising lemonade stand like he had seen on a previous family vacation with the proceeds going to kids in Lahaina. In an effort to maximize donations, Eddie also offered various food items… and even some of his personal toys. Before he knew it, sales were skyrocketing and were selling for well over asking price — including some paying $100 for a cup. Between the generous patrons — and fund matching from his parents’ workplaces, Eddie’s heartwarming act of kindness has raised more than $17,000. There’s an old saying that when life gives you lemons, make lemonade. Perhaps it should be updated to say that when life gives others lemons… uplift them by selling lemonade.

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