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Welcome to the NEW UPliftSomeone.com

Has somebody inspired you? Made your day brighter? Tell us about it so we can share it with others!

Welcome to the new UPliftSomeone.com community. At the heart of it all is UPlifting stories that will inspire you, give you the warm fuzzies, make you laugh… or perhaps even make you cry (but only happy tears… we promise).

Sign UP and share your story about how someone UPlifted you… or something you saw that made your day. It’s free to join and submit. By sharing your story — and UPvoting other people’s UPlifting stories — you can help them and yourself earn points for the leaderboard. The more you engage with our community, the more badges you can earn.

At UP Entertainment, our hope is that our users feel better just for watching our programming. With UPlift Someone, we believe that even little acts of kindness can make the world a little bit brighter. We hope that by visiting this website — and sharing the stories within it — we can do exactly that.

Thanks for stopping by!

The UPlift Someone Team


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    1. Thanks for the question, Caleb! We have a team of moderators who approve posts, so hopefully things that aren’t UPlifting will not get approved.

      And to be clear, it’s not up to us to judge how positive something is, but if it’s clearly offensive and intended just to cause trouble, we won’t approve it.

      Thanks for the question… and welcome to the community!