Kayla - UPlift Someone

Kayla is a Keeper

After experiencing a tragic loss, an unexpected message from an unknown sender changes the life of someone when they need it most.

In March 2022 my boyfriend passed away unexpectedly. I was devastated. I was a mess (to say the least). Occasionally, I'd check social media during this time as a distraction. One day I was surprised to see that I had received a note from someone I was not familiar with. In the message, she mentioned that she was a friend to my sister and that she had seen my post and was sorry for my loss. She wrote that I was one of the strongest women on the platform and that she believed I would get through my tough time. She also said, "I can't wait to see that beautiful smile back on your face and I hope this message makes you feel just a little bit better." It did that and more.

This was just the surprise and kind gesture that was needed to lift my broken heart. Every day had just been filled with crying, grief, and hurt that this wonderfully sweet (out of the blue) message from someone I didn't know touched me so much. I learned her name was Kayla and reached back out to her to let her know that I truly appreciated her sending me such a heartfelt message that was such a light in my dark time and that it was a true comfort. She began sending me uplifting messages almost daily that included words of motivation, a reminder that it was okay to cry and that it didn't make you weak, and that she was there if I needed to talk. An absolute stranger to me was saying these truly kind and considerate words that brought me something I absolutely needed in my sadness and reminded me there are some incredibly special people in the world - even ones we may not know. 

Since that day Kayla and I have become good friends. We lean on each other when we're having a bad day. We remind each other to smile to help make each day better. We send each other little notes of encouragement. I'm so grateful to have stumbled across Kayla and know that we will be lifelong friends. ❤️❤️

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