Uplifting An Extraordinary Mother

At only 23 years young, Amanda became a mother to three siblings, keeping them out of the foster-care system and their family together and thriving.

“Wow! Jump right in; into a life’s calling far beyond a young woman’s expectations. A  23-year-old who chose to mother three children from another mother. Perhaps, you may wonder how this came to be. I will give you a brief scenario. Amanda met a friend in high school who later became involved with drugs, mental issues, and had five children. Amanda helped babysit 4 of the 5 children until they were taken by CPS. Afterward, Amanda became a foster parent. The plan was for Amanda to foster the children until their birth mother completed court-ordered parenting classes and got her life “together”. Instead, the mother lost parental rights to all her children. The oldest child moved with her father. She does keep in contact with her younger three siblings.  The second oldest child was adopted. His whereabouts are unknown.

Amanda did not want the three younger children who were in foster care to remain separated from each other. Also, she and her family had fallen in love with the children. Amanda adopted an 11-month-old, a 2-year-old, and a 3-year-old. Remember Amanda was only 23 years old herself. As a young new mother, Amanda had to acquire knowledge of raising children with special needs. Her family has experienced watching her hardship and struggles as a young overnight mother of three. Amanda is determined to complete this mission assigned by none other but God. The children are now 12, 13, and 14.

Through it all, the family is striving towards goals and accomplishments. The children participate in dance, football, and basketball. Amanda is currently enrolled in a Doctoral degree program at Texas Southern University and works as a substitute teacher. My daughter, Amanda is an extraordinary Godly woman who has given and shared her livelihood with three of my beautiful grandchildren. The journey isn’t easy, but it is love and inspiring.”

Amanda and children




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