Influencer Does Volunteer Lawn Work For Veterans and People in Need

After one of his lawn care videos went viral on social media, Spencer and his community raised $10,000 for the homeowner, a disabled veteran.

Spencer has owned a lawn care company for over 11 years and started his social media channels (SB Mowing) to focus on volunteer work that he does in his free time. After one of his videos showing the cleanup of an overgrown lawn went viral on social media, he started a GoFundMe for the homeowner, a disabled veteran who had suffered multiple strokes and heart attacks. Originally planning to match the first $500, Spencer's followers wanted to do so much more. They wound up raising $10,000, enabling the homeowner to take care of some vital utility bills and get back on track. His lawn is also looking incredibly well-kept as a bonus. 😊

You can check out this video and others from SB Mowing here:

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